Wednesday, October 29, 2014

surprise, baby no. 5

our closest friends here in florida (and kate's godparents) are expecting a new little girl come february. in the next four months this sweet family will be moving back home, selling their house in florida, buying a new one in ohio, homeschooling, and on top of expecting a new bundle of joy, they found out that baby girl has down syndrome. it has been incredible to witness how their family has taken the news, especially their four children. i have not seen a better example of unconditional love for a baby that not only has not been born yet, but does not have a name yet. we can't wait to meet you baby girl! you are already loved more than you'll ever know...

and how could i forget the adorable announcement?

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  1. these are so beautiful. that second one totally made me cry- so much love for baby sis. great captures, Carey!