Monday, August 18, 2014

a few of my favorite things

hello, thanks for stopping by!
if i could, i would invite you over for a cup of coffee while we sat on my couch and caught up. twirl was inspired by one of my favorite blogs, emily, describing the scripture in her daughter's nursery. after our second daughter was born the zephaniah verse flooded my thoughts day and night. i pictured our little girls, dressed up in their favorite tutus, twirling and dancing as their Heavenly Father sweetly sang over them. i purchased emily's twirl print that is now hanging in no. 2's nursery. i look at the print everyday, and love imagining our girls dancing. so when i was thinking of name for my photography adventure, twirl was the clear choice. in lieu of a couch, i have picked a few of my favorite shots from the last few years...

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